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Technical Training

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In collaboration with our strategic partner, Compuease, Priority Management Ottawa is pleased to offer our clients the best in technical training.  Training is available for individuals and teams with a variety of delivery formats including public workshops, on-site classes, and instructor-led virtual classes. 

For our federal government clients, we have a standing offer (#E60ZH-140001-019-ZH) in place for all public workshops that offers a 15% discount off regularly priced public workshops for technical training, and a supply arrangement (#E60ZH-140001-020-ZH) in place for all group training. This standing offer and supply arrangement extends to technical training provided by Compuease when booked through Priority Management. 

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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program you will encounter. Used almost universally throughout business and the government, Excel handles everything from adding and subtracting to manipulating large sets of data and so much more. So vast is its feature list that even experienced users often find there is still much to learn. It’s a very sandbox-like environment where you can do almost anything and the more features you know about, the more options you have.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the go-to word processor for most government and business enterprises. Business letters, meeting agendas, annual reports and policy documents are just a few of the seemingly endless types of documents created each day in Microsoft Word.


Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation development program that enables you to create high-impact, dynamic presentations quickly. It is used by students, educators, and professionals as a way of sharing information and ideas in a slideshow format.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

Access is Microsoft’s flagship database application, design, and deployment software that enables you to keep track of your important information. You can keep your data on your computer or network, or you can publish to the Web so others can use your database with a web browser.


Microsoft Visio

Visio is one of the best pieces of diagramming software available. It uses vector graphics to create diagrams and is useful in many areas. It’s not just about using diagrams as pictures; it’s about moving toward diagrams as semantic representations of your business.



These days organizations have two possible ways to get ahead of one another. One is by working harder and the other is by working smarter. Working harder doesn’t guarantee success, but working smarter always does. SharePoint is a superb solution to enable businesses like yours to work smarter by making use of Workflows and collaboration. Quite simply, it increases productivity.

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